Sam Ribakoff's Ghost in the 404 returns to highlight May's best electronic music featuring 700 Bliss, Djpjmadedistrack, Sam Gendel and Antonia Cytrynowicz, and more.
Sam Ribakoff returns to recap the best from the dance and electronic scene including DJ Detweiler, CDR, Jana Rush and more.
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An interview with the man behind one of Bristol's hottest new labels.
DJ Q is Ineffable March 31, 2014
Son Raw is unflappable. The concept of underground Pop music is a strange one. By definition, Pop needs the mass-appeal to hit as many people possible, while underground sounds target specific niches searching for more challenging alternatives. Today however, we live in an era when Pop has had the life focus-grouped out of it by […]
Uno, Dos, Cups….Adam Wray Brooklyn’s GODMODE continues to deliver the ruckus. Among its latest offerings: two tracks from 19 year-old Shamir Bailey, hailing from Las Vegas. Bailey’s got a million dollar voice – lithe, rangy, unique, and deceptively powerful. The first tune, “If It Wasn’t True,” is weapons-grade dance floor material. From steady kick to […]