The housing blocks of Milan's San Siro have been a cultural incubator for music with a new scene turning to the global metropoles of New York, London, and Chicago for drill rap inspiration.
Stop Callin Lil Durk’s Phone September 5, 2013
Pretty sure that Lil Durk did not intend this as the anti-“867-5309,” but it’s a lot more fun if you imagine it that is. I’m still riding for Durk as the Drill rapper for people who don’t like drill rap. He’s gone full sad robot over the last couple releases, which adds an eerie sinister […]
Will Hagle is Jeezy-laughing at life. Mick Jenkins might be the Al Capone of modern Chicago gangsta rap. Elegantly dressed, yet menacing. Over a string-heavy, darkly cinematic beat that sounds like an outtake from Cage’s Movies For The Blind, Jenkins explains what he will do to you if he catches you on the street without […]
Jonah Bromwich is the sausage king of Chicago. When it comes to music hyper-fandom, there are generalists and there are specialists. If you’re a generalist in the internet age, pretending to any kind of omniscience is a herculean task.  There’s no way to keep abreast of a broad swathe of everything when everything is so […]
Lil Durk’s name sounds like it was conceived by the South Park guys during a particularly ethnically insensitive fit. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t get as much attention as Chief Keef, who has emerged as the national apotheosis of  Chicago’s drill rap scene. It’s regrettable but understandable. Keef is the better narrative. He’s younger, lives […]