Deen has a fan club in Cardiff.  Like most humans, I have a list of my favorite Welshmen. Yes, favorite Welshmen. See, the Welsh are a very illustrious bunch with great and unique talents. Probably because they’re a bunch of overgrown mountain elves with a dragon on their flag and a weirdly magical native tongue. […]
By Deen
Draked [drayk – ed] verb The act of turning an ostensibly joyous situation into one that is introspective and sad. Characterized by noirish ambiance, vocals that combine singing and rapping, and an adoration for being swaddled in antique angora sweaters. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” has been Draked. Of course, there’s a fine line between drank and […]
Tosten Burks is back. At this point, nothing is hyperbole. A year since its release, Section.80 remains one of the blog era’s greatest triumphs, still profound, still staggeringly ambitious, still technically breathtaking. “A.D.H.D.” still stands as the song of a generation, not hurt at all by its blatant intention to be just that. This is […]