Miguel Otarola speaks to the Canadian electronic songwriter about the saxophone reigniting her love for performing, seeing Janet Jackson perform, her new album Love Hallucination and more.
Sam Ribakoff catches up with Hyperdub artist Jessy Lanza and the two discuss her recently released record, working with Junior Boys, and the merits of pop music.
Cory Lomberg breaks down the new single from Hyperdub artist Jessy Lanza
It’s easy to assume that Jessy Lanza is just the angelic voice, but she’s first and foremost a producer. The Ontario native has a degree in Jazz, and was studying for a Master’s in Musicology until she dropped out to focus on making music. Both her late-father and mother were musicians, and her production partner, Jeremy […]
Jessy Lanza’s Analog Charms September 11, 2013
Son Raw might have a schoolboy crush here. Pop eats everything, but that means anyone can co-opt pop. Pull My Hair back, the debut album by Hamilton Ontario’s Jessy Lanza could be categorized as 80s revival, alt R&B, Post-Dubstep and half a dozen other subgenres. But at the end of the day it’s a pop […]