Music should be timeless, but the music business is about timing. When the Knux dropped in ’08, being a “weird rapper” was considered unmarketable. 50 Cent was still T-Rex rampaging through the halls of Interscope and no one there knew what to do with the Knux or Freddie Gibbs, who ostensibly occupied two different ends […]
The Knux Toke Up August 2, 2012
The apology before the mayhem. The Knux toke up with few sympathies for the sober. Another spatially disorienting psychedelic banger from the brothers Lindsey, leading up to the imminent release of their KTWN EP (see also: last week’s “Animal“). 2/2 if you’re keeping track. Found footage of the head Wailer, Hendrix, and Vietnam soldiers smoking […]