Max Bell talks to the veteran producer about the intersection of the church and video games as his early inspirations, collaborating with Lupe Fiasco, creating his sought after sound packs and more.
Loop Dreams: Stro Elliot February 18, 2021
Loop Dreams returns with Max Bell speaking to the Roots member about chopping the music he grew up listening to, having a nomadic childhood, and more.
Loop Dreams: Dakim February 1, 2021
Loop Dreams returns as Max Bell speaks to the Detroit-born producer about marching band, listening to more jazz, the Bay Area beat scene, and more.
Loop Dreams: JoogSZN December 16, 2020
Max Bell speaks to the highly sought after L.A. producer about the notion of "traffic music" and recording an album with Drakeo the Ruler while he was in jail.
Loop Dreams: Kenny Segal November 13, 2020
Loop Dream returns as Max Bell speaks to the vaunted producer about playing cello in middle school, soundtracking a commercial with Kevin Federline, and more.
Loop Dreams: Nothing_neue October 22, 2020
Loop Dreams returns as the New York producer talks about being inspired to make beats by A$AP Rocky's debut, being in metal bands, his monthly beat showcase called (in plain sight.), and more.
Loop Dreams returns as Max Bell speaks to the Van Nuys beatmaker.
Loop Dreams returns as the nomadic Detroit producer talks about finding some of his more unusual sample sources and recording on karaoke machines.
Max Bell introduces a new interview series with beatmakers from all over the world, starting with speaking to the Los Angeles beat scene veteran about the late Ras G and influential club night Sketchbook.