Zilla Rocca speaks to the legendary rapper and producer about the arts of battling and crate digging, as well as getting better with age.
Max Bell murdered Jar-Bar Binks.  There isn’t one Star Wars reference on Roc Marciano’s The Pimpire Strikes Back. It’s not a blatant disregard for source material so much as it is honest and telling revisionism. In other words, a young Marciano probably wasn’t rushing off to see George Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back. Instead, he […]
Jonah Bromwich is the new Shabaam Sahdeeq It took me a while to realize that Joey Badass’s new mixtape, 1999 is generally pretty good. This was partially due to the hype bubble that misidentified Joey as a next big thing as opposed to a low-key, breezy, summer night rapper.  Good music wins out, even if […]