Evan Nabavian takes a look at the Memphis rapper's 1994 tape.
Will Hagle takes a look at the latest video from the Memphis rapper's upcoming Role Model album.
Ross Devlin sits down with the Memphis artist.
Lucas Foster speaks with Lil Sko about the Memphis rap scene, making music on 4-tracks, and his influence overseas. We also have the exclusive stream of 'U Kno Tha Sko' below.
Lucas Foster speaks with Memphis legend DJ Squeeky to discuss Tommy Wright III, Three Six Mafia, and his imprint on modern rap music.
In which the great recluse Spaceghostpurrp emerges from seclusion to slide a banger to AJ Suede.
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Will Hagle might scream and yell like Samuel L. The place Jon Waltz calls Home is also the city from which DJay and Skinny Black hail. Meaning it’s Memphis, but also sort of a fiction. When you leave a place and come back it’s never the same as it was in your mind. Absence may […]
The rap and R&B collision course that’s been enduring since well before Chris Rock’s prophecies on “Champagne” has become complete. Drake stepped into the cipher with a yarmulkah, a bag of lemongrass candles, and a mission to be the light-skinned Keith Sweat and executed with ruthless Canadian efficiency. Regardless of your feelings on the Sultan […]