Leonel dives into what it was like growing up in Mexico in the late '90s, experiencing the repercussions of NAFTA and the come-up of the Mexican Rock music scene firsthand.
Raghava Lakshminarayana speaks with one of Mexican rock music's busiest talents about his new solo project and being a musician during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Peter Holslin snaked the Silver Surfer Like most freelance music writers, I spend a lot of time hurtling through the Internet with no direction or goals in mind. The laptop is my rocketship, the wifi is my fuel, and the only thing stopping me from having 50,000 tabs open on my Firefox is my own […]
Peter Holslin invented seapunk Los Macuanos is probably the grooviest band I’ve ever heard that makes music about politics, corruption, narco violence and urban decay. Their Latin rhythms are murky and vaguely threatening, but their digitized hand drums bang plenty hard, too. Their horn samples are suffused in ghostly echo and reverb, but these ghouls […]