Max Bell favors Michael Concepcion for the TDE Connect. Hellfyre Club is one of the strongest and most necessary branches of the hip hop tree. The natural and logical outgrowth of Project Blowed, much of their roster has weathered the calms and storms of the ever fluctuating indie rap landscape for years, refusing to break […]
Milo: The Pythagorean diner, the David Mamet finder, the Now & Later connoisseur, the Parisian spy consort, the Moleskin scrawler, the wavy dancer, the bedroom shrine constructor, the earthquake pill holder, the worldview inquirer, the beanbag doppelganger, the abstract oligarch, the Internet forum shunner, the banter baron, the turbo graphic 16 besos offerer. Off of […]
Straight out of the dungeons of Sunset Blvd. comes the latest episode of Shots Fired, with our guests Milo and Zeroh. If you’re unfamiliar with those two, they are two of the best otherground rappers working. If you’re interested in a bit more background, you can read up on Milo here or here.  This Bluffer’s […]
Review courtesy of the Uber Max Bell. Milwaukee’s Milo has a “big brain”– like Jimmy Neutron if he talked about Nietzsche’s Übermensch instead of science. Think of Milo as a more introspective and well read Ab-Soul for fans of Vonnegut and Phillip K. Dick. Allusions aside, he’s an intelligent, unabashedly horny ’90s baby with an inexhaustible store of knowledge (high/low […]
The idea for the latest Shots Fired episode was to invite Milo and Jonwayne on to partake in a 30-year survey of the history of independent rap. After all, they are two of the best 90s babies rappers on independent labels. Then we decided to use the hour to talk about strippers, Dragon Ball Z, […]
Milo is from Milwaukee. He raps like a man on verge of a nervous breakdown and his allusions suggest that he’d catch the Almodovar reference. Milo named himself after a fictional character, which he says, “says a lot about my mental health and various barriers.” I assume he means the boy from The Phantom Tollbooth, […]