After a two-month hiatus in which we raced around the world battle rapping in (separate) hot air balloons for Fuse TV, Nocando and I have returned for the latest Shots Fired. In a token gift for random haters who have been demanding more free work from us, we’re dropping a very special two-part episode. The […]
Danny Brown is a lyrical rapper who stays paid. Lyrics can, in fact, lead to paying 100 racks in taxes a year.┬áDanny parties like a Roman senator, but refuses to dumb it down like an American senator. He has stayed hungry and rowdy. See also: this new video from “Attak,” which I already hailed before. […]
Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we are back. Unlike the Teenage Mutant Turtles, we do not have Juicy J, Michael Bay, or an unlimited budget for pizza craft services. Sometimes you eat the shell and sometimes the shell shocks you. Nonsensical blog introduction complete, it’s time I introduce the latest episode of Shots Fired, […]
Because sometimes you see someone on the Internet whose entire existence is so mystifying that your first thought is, we should probably talk to her on a podcast. Chanel West Coast is a 25-year old white female rapper from the San Fernando Valley, who is signed to Young Money, and stars on a pair of […]
As mentioned yesterday, Richmond’s own IAMSU! took a trip down Interstate 5 to make his second appearance in the Cosmic Zoo. The co-founder of the HBK Crew talked to us about basketball, the based God, buying weed brownies in Berkeley, Bay Rap, and his latest album, Sincerely Yours. In addition, Nocando and I talked about […]
The latest Shots Fired drops tomorrow with young Sudan Williams, but here’s a taste of the high stakes conversation in store. This episode was originally recorded during the Western Conference Finals; hence, we are unaware that Serge Ibaka would soon shake off the hex of the Based God. (But we all knew that OKC would […]
For the first time in recorded history, Shots Fired drops on the day we promised that it would drop. Our guest is the venerable Ohio architect, Blueprint, who stepped into the Cosmic Zoo to tell stories about the early days of Columbus hip-hop with Camu Tao, RJD2 and MhZ, computer programming, the travails of running […]
The next episode of Shots Fired drops tomorrow, featuring Blueprint. In this clip, we talk about the early ties between Def Jux and Rhymesayers, meeting on message boards, mixtape trading and the bridge between Print’s Columbus and Minneapolis. Other episodes of Shots Fired video below.
For the first time, all Low End Theory residents did an interview in the same room. It happens to be on the new episode of Shots Fired. Such things are made easier when your co-host is one of the five residents. If you’ve ever wondered the backstory behind one of the most influential music weeklies […]