Jeff Weiss talks with Dave Harrington about the Dream Machine, Grateful Dead, and New York's jazz scene.
Ben Grenrock takes a look at the latest LP from Nicolas Jaar's side project, A.A.L. (Against All Logic).
In which Nicolas Jaar (maybe) drops a brilliant mix through his Against All Logic pseudonym (?)
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Nicolas Jaar — Fight October 7, 2015
Nicolas Jaar again? Ah yeah, again and again.
The main Other People person returns with quiet heat.
Other hobbyists gravitate to woodworking, marijuana cultivation, gemology, and urban gardening, but Nicolas Jaar’s pastimes tend to be more fruitful. Hence, when he got bored in 2013, he and Dave Harrington re-worked the entire Daft Punk album for the funk of it. His most recent contribution to the numinous is an unofficial soundtrack to the […]
Still waiting on Nicolas Jaar to produce for a rapper. When I interviewed him last year, we spoke about his love of hip-hop, dreams of producing it, and his “Lean Back” remix. If Fat Joe is looking for a final carpetbagging, it starts here. Instead, we get Visuals’ “A Pixel,” which tends to have a […]