Dean Van Nguyen takes an extensive look at 'No Way Out,' 20 years later.
Douglas Martin takes a look at G. Dep's classic, "Special Delivery," 15 years later.
Jay Rock, Puffy and Pharrell, Jose Guapo and Quavo, Fiend, uhlife, and more, it's the Rap-Up!
Abe Beame is kicking ill flavor with the Teflon Don. Download: Revolution & Bullshit ( On December 13th, Rapper/Singer/Producer/Vodka Baron/White Party Promoter/Director/Thespian/Reality Television Dictator/Fashionista/Rick Ross Appreciation Society President/Bad Boy Record CEO/Democracy Advocate/Publicist P. Diddy released Last Train to Paris as one-third of his new project, Diddy Dirty Money. Within Passion of the Weiss’ sinister midnight […]
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