Chris Daly breaks down the latest Career Crooks collaboration between Small Pro and Zilla Rocca, 'Take What's Coming.'
Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Elucid, M.E.D., Danny Brown, Tribe, and more!
Max Bell spends far too much time on Bandcamp. Sifting through beat tapes on Bandcamp can be daunting. The boom bap wormhole is infinite. Distinguishing shit from shine is not. It takes time. Clicking and scrolling takes less physical exertion than trekking to Amoeba and sifting through the racks of plastic only to find the listening […]
Small Pro has been making music for over a decade, far exceeding the 10,000 hour rule for mastering a craft. Over that time he’s been able to create his own undeniable sound, chopping away at anything that inspires.  The Philadelphia producer has released several instrumental tapes jawns that he puts up on his Bandcamp page […]
Don’t let the green grass fool you, Zilla Rocca is as regional a rapper as you could find.  Occasionally, he slips into the Shadowboxer noir-hop executive trench coat, but on the new Party with Villains EP, he pulls from the bullets and bourbon sagas of South Philly crime reporter George Anastasia, the legacy of Allen […]