Fall Mixtape: Jimmy Ness December 8, 2014
Jimmy Ness bites the eel by the dozen Rather than opt for songs emotive of grey scale weather, blocked-guttering and shrinking daylight hours, I’ve compiled this fall mixtape as a snapshot of music I’m currently digging. The track-list reveals 2014 was the year I delved bellbottom-knee deep into funk’s luminescent depths. Prince, Zapp, Luther Vandross, Lakeside, […]
Joshua Lerner is a writer, teacher, and DJ based in Chicago. “There is no rock music with walls around it.” Jay-Z, Decoded Remember how it went? In 2008, Jay-Z headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury and Noel Gallagher made the shitty rock-ist (racist) move of whining to the press. His infamous line: “No, I’m not […]