Max Bell discusses the latest release from one of the beat scene's most unsung talents, Toy Light.
A conversation about Kandinsky and Zeroh, Dragon Ball Z and Aphex Twin, with Alpha Pup artist, Toy Light.
Max Bell is flabbergasted and blasted his Magnum PI Love in the age of Tinder and 140-character DMs. Sustainable or a sick joke? How do you get closer? 21-year-old Jordan Raf, an L.A. based UCLA art major cum R&B singer/producer, wants to know. After a summer abroad in Tokyo, Raf’s returned stateside with his forthcoming debut […]
Since Halloween falls on a weekend this year, we decided to present a show on a Thursday. I am what they might refer to as temporally limited. But even though Scarface will not be banging sacks of flour over the heads of young trick-or-treaters, I will play “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” if you attend. […]
Max Bell is in the back sipping on yak.  For the past two years L.A. based producer/DJ/singer/multi-instrumentalist (and not the other way around) Toy Light has operated at the intersection of indie rock and beat scene electronic, somewhere between Thom Yorke and Flying Lotus. If you haven’t seen his name around these parts, then you might’ve […]
Toy Light in the Attic October 14, 2013
The line between dance music and R&B has always been thinner than anyone had ever given it credit. But maybe Tim Mosley’s new work-out plan convinced people that the barriers between the two were more bulky. Burial’s 2007 revelation that you could transmute Ray J into a two-step influenced dubstep artist changed the way a […]
Don’t Trust Toy Light April 30, 2013
By rough estimate, there are approximately 325,000 Soundcloud struggle producers trying to work the angle of post-Flying Lotus and Clams Casino bedroom beats. They can all be described using the adjectives, “aqueous,” “ethereal,” “ghostly,” and atmospheric. If you have a copy of Ableton, creating a mediocre facsimile might be the easiest thing to do in […]
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I’m unsure how to categorize Toy Light and that’s good. Let’s say this is music you’d expect from LA kids whose formative musical experiences included seeing Thom Yorke at the Low End Theory. Perhaps mildly predictable in that there is a bit of King of Limbs-era Radiohead and a bit of Flying Lotus’ aqueous thump, […]
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