We only speak his true name in the hushed tones of those who have survived the wrath of his “inglorious mercy” but William James (“B.J.”) Steiner, the future and everlasting Supreme Dictatorial Autarch Of Earth-Realm and all her territories, wasn’t always the schadenfreude monger known as “The Good Doctor Zeus.”  He was once a mild-mannered film student with a passion for Star Wars films, Cleveland sports teams and the Tao of the Wu-Tang.

Raised in the killing fields of the SOHH message boards, the boy who would become “Doc Zeus” developed a hunger for the sweet, fleshy taste of “righteous misanthropy” that would forever dominate his destiny. Soon, he grew a fanatical need to “hate” on shit that he deemed remotely displeasing to to his taste. After making a name for himself as a comment whore during the Breihanic Revolution, Zeus started the hip hop blog, “Not A Blogger,” as a manner of satiating his thirst for hate-based wit. Known for it’s wit, sarcasm and a flair for the only most grand of delusions, Zeus became a mainstay amongst the hip hop bloggerratti. However, things weren’t always sweet for our glorious leader, a deep depression brought on by LeBron James betrayal in the summer of 2010 caused Zeus to quietly close the doors on his blog to the chagrin of absolutely no one. Fear not, sports fans because Doc Zeus is bringing his talents to “The Passion Of The Weiss” where he plans to be as big as an insufferable nuisance as ever. Who will be his latest victim of irascible ire? Likely Cam’ron but stay tuned!

B.J. Steiner lives in the borough of Brooklyn where he enjoys hipster kickball, alcohol poisoning and the zen of irresponsibility. He does not care about your kids.