The two greatest graduates of Southern Illinois University finally team up.
Serengeti is the platonic ideal of art-rap.
Kenny Dennis, the missing link of Super Friends, the limbo facilitator, push-up counter, blessed with the swagger of a thousand Berengers. Don’t forget this is the the party MC of Perfecto lore. You think you know how to have a time, but you are not inhabiting the spirit of Kenny when he cuts loose off […]
Paul Thompson cooks brats and curses Shaq while listening to the new Serengeti record
Peter Holslin lives in a top-secret mountain hideout You know how, in some jazz performances, there’s a song where every member of the band gets to play a solo? The saxophonist will stand up, toot out some fancy lines, then he’ll sit down, and then the trumpeter will stand up, show off a little, sit […]
Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti and Son Lux make an album and scarcely anyone in the rap Internet makes a sound. I get that it’s been a busy month and this is too weird for people who are still dubious on Doom because he’s a little off-kilter. But Geti is probably the first of the breed […]
It’s hard to keep up with Serengeti. He’s dropped three or four projects this year to little or no promotion — all good to great — all proving that our most interesting artists are usually the most eccentric. I’ve said before that he’s the rap game, Andy Kauffman. No amount of Jerry Lawler or UFC […]
Serengeti never comes up on shortlists of the best rappers. It’s inaccurate but it’s obvious why. He’s a guy who doesn’t fit into any preexisting lane. His earliest inspiration was Doom, but rather than don a mask, he donned a mustache and fleshed out the Kenny Dennis alter-ego down to the last four minute mile. […]
The Killer Deacon, Kenny Dennis, doesn’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows. He is a one-man Contra code, a GPS with a Ditka stache. The brilliance of Serengeti’s character is that he captures both the best and worst in all of us. The immense local pride, passionate love for his […]
Kenny Dennis is indomitable but generous. He is the type to spot a young boy at the Sharper Image around Christmastime and bestow him with a AM/FM shower radio. “A GOOD PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.”  Yes, he might be up in arms over a faulty fog-less shaving mirror, but he is a man who demands high […]