Serengeti is the platonic ideal of art-rap.
Kenny Dennis, the missing link of Super Friends, the limbo facilitator, push-up counter, blessed with the swagger of a thousand Berengers. Don’t forget this is the the party MC of Perfecto lore. You think you know how to have a time, but you are not inhabiting the spirit of Kenny when he cuts loose off […]
Paul Thompson cooks brats and curses Shaq while listening to the new Serengeti record
Peter Holslin lives in a top-secret mountain hideout You know how, in some jazz performances, there’s a song where every member of the band gets to play a solo? The saxophonist will stand up, toot out some fancy lines, then he’ll sit down, and then the trumpeter will stand up, show off a little, sit […]
Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti and Son Lux make an album and scarcely anyone in the rap Internet makes a sound. I get that it’s been a busy month and this is too weird for people who are still dubious on Doom because he’s a little off-kilter. But Geti is probably the first of the breed […]
It’s hard to keep up with Serengeti. He’s dropped three or four projects this year to little or no promotion — all good to great — all proving that our most interesting artists are usually the most eccentric. I’ve said before that he’s the rap game, Andy Kauffman. No amount of Jerry Lawler or UFC […]
Serengeti never comes up on shortlists of the best rappers. It’s inaccurate but it’s obvious why. He’s a guy who doesn’t fit into any preexisting lane. His earliest inspiration was Doom, but rather than don a mask, he donned a mustache and fleshed out the Kenny Dennis alter-ego down to the last four minute mile. […]
The Killer Deacon, Kenny Dennis, doesn’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows. He is a one-man Contra code, a GPS with a Ditka stache. The brilliance of Serengeti’s character is that he captures both the best and worst in all of us. The immense local pride, passionate love for his […]
Kenny Dennis is indomitable but generous. He is the type to spot a young boy at the Sharper Image around Christmastime and bestow him with a AM/FM shower radio. “A GOOD PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.”  Yes, he might be up in arms over a faulty fog-less shaving mirror, but he is a man who demands high […]
Kenny Dennis is the Deacon, the Grimm Teacher, the MC Crusher, the onion eater, the chop connoisseur, the 4:14 mile runner, the cool wind passing you by. He is the weather vane telling you which way the wind blows, the clerk always offering the right directions. There are moments of true comic genius in Serengeti’s […]