Yoni & Geti's "Madeline" is one of the best songs off their self-titled album.
Because hip-house is forever.
The backstory behind the unfinished novel that inadvertently inspired Serengeti & Anders Holms' Perfecto album.
Mike Eagle knows what clicks you got last summer.
Mike Eagle and Serengeti would never sample these artists. Not once. Not even Kobe.
The two greatest graduates of Southern Illinois University finally team up.
Serengeti is the platonic ideal of art-rap.
Kenny Dennis, the missing link of Super Friends, the limbo facilitator, push-up counter, blessed with the swagger of a thousand Berengers. Don’t forget this is the the party MC of Perfecto lore. You think you know how to have a time, but you are not inhabiting the spirit of Kenny when he cuts loose off […]