Serengeti’s back. Well, sort of. Normally when Geti dusts off his Kenny Dennis alter ego we still get a different side of Geti’s world. It’s playful and whimsical, but it’s still Dennis refracted through the Chicago rapper’s style and voice. This time, though, we get an entirely fresh face with Geti’s wife Jueles (played by Jade) taking the lead.

And when we say she’s leading the charge, it’s not filtered through Serengeti as Kenny Dennis. On first single “Butterfiles,” soft rock that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kate Bush record or on the Twin Peaks soundtrack flows through Jueles’ voice. This is her album. Geti promises that we’ll learn more about KD in the process, but it’s about time we heard from the woman who’s scattered throughout KD’s history. Check out a few words from Geti—Kenny? Jueles?—about the record below and watch “Butterflies” above.

Butterflies is Jueles’ debut album, their story through her eyes, though her songs. Her big dreams and musical aspirations, her infatuation with Tom Sellec, and their meeting that tips off a series of fateful events. Opening our eyes to a whole new story—and the secret we’ve been missing all these years.

We may just find we don’t know Kenny as well as we think.

You can pre order the album at The double LP comes with an instant download of the Kaleidoscope full length album.

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