Noise Pollution returns with a look at Cincinnati standouts The Ophelias.
Ben Grenrock looks back at cLOUDDEAD's self-titled avant-rap classic.
Yoni & Geti's "Madeline" is one of the best songs off their self-titled album.
Will Schube swears your clique sounds like episode of Glee It’s been strange watching Yoni Wolf mature from a disillusioned, heartbreaking/broken rapper into a full-on adult pop singer. The vulnerable, cynical, scathing Wolf seems to have disappeared as he approaches middle age, but his replacement, a podcast-making, transparent singer intent on bettering himself is a […]
The name “Anticon” has always been a code for how you viewed what hip hop could be, not how it should sound. Last year, Anticon celebrated their 15th anniversary. Unlike their contemporaries Stones Throw, Def Jux, and Rhymesayers, there were no documentaries, festivals, or goodbye parties thrown in their honor. It’s hard to celebrate an […]
Will Schube spells cotton candy anyway you like it Yoni Wolf, frontman for rap/pop (or whatever genre the band’s dipping their toes into at any particular moment) group WHY? is going out on a solo tour with Serengeti. Both of these dudes are really good at what they do—but the ways in which each present […]
Willie Schube also pops at The Tape. After a brief and fairly disappointing detour into the world of soft/art-pop/rock, Yoni Wolf and his cohorts are back with a dive into the folk-hop genre that the dude basically pioneered. After WHY? released Alopecia in 2008—a record full of angst-y, self-loathing and extremely clever raps—the group plowed […]