February 12, 2007

Today’s links are presented by Link, the hero of Legend of Zelda. I do have one question about Link though. Mainly, how come no one ever pointed out that for as tough as he pertains to be (what with his sharp sword and magic potions), dude is rocking a green mini-skirt and a pair of Uggs. Just sayin.

Nerd Litter Interviews yours truly as part of his Behind the Blog series. So if you ever wanted to learn more about my hate of Coldplay, my love of Woody Allen and the seedy details of my personal life, head there. Though, I cannot promise that the details are actually seedy.

The Angry Citizen sees the Hold Steady in NYC, admits he likes the show and undergoes an existential crisis over whether or not its actually okay for him to like them. Proving once again that its damn near impossible to see Craig Finn & Co. live and not come away impressed.

Kele from Bloc Party rips Jack White in an interview
claiming that “I was amazed when Jack White said it wasn’t his job to be critical about foreign policy because he was being paid to be an entertainer.I thought that was treacherous because it’s complicit with the capitalist society,” he explained. Kele then went on to add, “I just finished freshman year Econ 101 at Vassar College and it was life-changed. This Karl Marx dude is like totally awesome.”

Aquarium Drunkard has two tracks from the very solid, The Good, The Bad & the Queen record.

Billy Sunday eloquently explains Dipset at his XXL blog
: “The DipSet movement is like the Harlem Globetrotters of rap music. The Globetrotters never lose either because you can’t beat a fool at his own game. You just end up looking like a fool yourself.” Well played, sir.

Speaking of the Dips, I’m sure most of you guys have already seen 50 Cent’s diss video, and heard Cam’s response.
Don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this way, but this is the first hip-hop beef I’ve been interested in since Game/50 and perhaps Jay-Z/Nas. Granted, neither Cam nor 50 is anywhere close to as good as those guys. Then again, I’ve been chanting “Cuurrtiss!!!” all weekend. Dipset might not have good rappers but they’re fantastically entertaining.

Thighs Wide Shut sees Justin Timberlake live. Leaves less than impressed, points out that Timberlame looks like the guy from Not Another Teen Movie.

Oceans Never Listen Compiles His 20 Favorite Records ever and predictably turns in an outstanding list.

Andrew Unterberger of Stylus turns in what might be my favorite blog post of the year thus far: an in-depth analysis of Coach Bobby Finstock from Teen Wolf.

Ace Cowboy analyzes the list of SXSW bands, discovers that “the list has four bands from three different countries with names based on the word Panda, there’s Child Abuse, Dead Child andand Holy Shit!, Lesbians on Ecstasy, and [his] personal favorite,
This Moment in Black History.”

Vik at Biochemical Slang takes on Jay-Z and his apparent 2007 New Year’s resolution to further whore himself to corporate America. He also posts an MP3 of EPMD’s “Crossover.” Awesome.

Blog to Check For:
Wake Your Daughter Up:
I’m not sure how I didn’t know about these dudes until now (let’s blame that on the white widow), but as far as hip-hop blogs go, I’m gonna’ have to quote Nate Dogg and Warren G and say: “nobody does it better.” A must bookmark for any fan of the genre.

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