June 30, 2009



Trey Kerby’s fansite dedicated to the wardrobe of Ricky Rubio can be found at The Blowtorch. Ole!

“Dirty Diana” is the only Michael Jackson song that’s not about a rat that I’ve ever actively disliked. When Number Ones was released, it was the track that I’d skip. It only has three stars in my iTunes. I’ve never been able to put a finger on why, exactly, I don’t like this song. Maybe it’s that it’s pretty gimmicky, in a “let’s put some rock guitars on this pop song” way. Maybe it’s the tired subject matter. Maybe it’s the tacked on audience applause, included only to drive home that this song is about groupies. Maybe it’s the absolutely insane choice to have his sister play the groupie in the video. For whatever reason, to these cynical ears, this is the “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” of Michael Jackson song.

But lately, I’ve realized that I’ve graded “Dirty Diana” on an unfair curve. A three star Michael Jackson song is five stars for anyone else. And Latoya Jackson playing a groupie isn’t just a slightly insane and incestuous decision, but a prophetic and anticipatory reaction to the video for “You’re Gonna Get Rocked.”

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