Trey Kerby
Trey Kerby ghost-wrote “Hot Cheetos & Takis” One of the most steadfast rules in the Internet music blogosphere handbook that we are all given the second we register a Blogspot, WordPress or Tumblr is that any crew composed of more than four rappers must be compared and contrasted to the Wu-Tang Clan. For whatever reason, […]
Trey Kerby didn’t invent being a chill bro, but he perfected it. Spencer Krug is probably a jerk. For one, he’s named Spencer. Then there is that one time he grew a mustache for no reason. He’s wearing a headband in his Wikipedia picture, which he didn’t choose, but it still counts because that means […]
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  Trey Kerby’s fansite dedicated to the wardrobe of Ricky Rubio can be found at The Blowtorch. Ole! “Dirty Diana” is the only Michael Jackson song that’s not about a rat that I’ve ever actively disliked. When Number Ones was released, it was the track that I’d skip. It only has three stars in my […]
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