July 20, 2009


Fresh off three consecutive weeks in rotation on Hot 97’s Real Late with Peter Rosenberg comes Prafit’s “New York Swing, the Strong Island rapper’s latest collaboration with blog and blunt baron, Disco Vietnam.  Like its antecedents, “Nice Weather” and “My Life”, “New York Swing” channels the city’s mid-90s vintage without lapsing into over-cautious rehash. The beat’s piano line lifts like a balloon, with an ascendant organ line also angling towards the heavens. Prafit anchors it back to earth, with some brick-bat, bloody-nose raps that seemingly bear out an influence from Uncontrolled Substances-era Inspectah Deck. Even if this might not match “Rec Room,” it will still make you want to wreck shop.

MP3: Prafit-“New York Swing” (produced by Disco Vietnam)

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