August 25, 2009


My former Stylus colleague, Mike Orme tagged “Feel It All Around,” from South Carolina’s Washed Out, with a Pitchfork Best New Tracks this morning. Rather than fritter away an afternoon grappling with ways to reiterate what Mike already said, I’ll just co-sign his sentiments regarding Ernest Greene’s sublime vision, “stuck somewhere in an imagined euphoria set after the art rock of the late 70s, with a dotted line drawn directly through the swath of synth pop and all the way to the psychedelic, guitar driven Brit-pop of the Stone Roses.”

It’s easy to sneer at the Balearic descended beach pop that’s bombarded the blogs all season long, but there’s also something heartening about it–the wide majority of it self-released or on tiny indies like Acephale or Sincerely Yours. All of it ideal for that last Labor Day gasp of summer. Save your censure for the PR deluge surrounding the Girls or Big Pink records. Right now, trying to fight Washed Out, JJ, Javelin or Memory Tapes is tantamount to swimming against the tide.


MP3: Washed Out-“Feel It All Around”
MP3: Washed Out-“Belong”
MP3: Washed Out-“You’ll See it”