November 5, 2009


Another post should be up later this afternoon, deadlines and dawdling permitting. In the interim, necessity demands sharing this incredible cut from the ATL’s top-ranking Lonnie Lynn/Rick Bawse impersonater, Sean Falyon. The West Philly-raised Falyon, pairs up with the dependably great Playboy Tre and Scar, to drop an incredibly poignant slice of the Dungeon Family-type Atlanta rap I grew up loving: weary, spiritual affirmations of life in the face of sorrow. A necessary counter-balance to the popular chains and crack rap that has consumed one-dimensional media definitions for most of the decade.

Between Killer Mike, Tre, Pill, BOB, Falyon, and a gang of others Maurice Garland knows more about than me, contemporary Atlanta rap amounts to a lot more than Jeezy, Gucci, Soulja Boy, and D4L. Not to disparage those guys–they exist in a practically different genre altogether. But none have ever hit me as hard as Tre does on this track and throughout his excellent Liquor Store Mascot and Goodbye America mixtapes. Gotty captured it perfectly when he said that what “Tre needs to do is…scribe his autobiography or a few Donald Goines-eque paperbacks. Sure, his words sound melodic when done over music. But there’s a wisdom to his ghetto scriptures… Words that should be shared on a wider level. There’s nothing cryptic or “deep.” It’s the starkness and the way he develops round, dynamic characters in his rhymes… They aren’t heroes, just average cats working their way through the world.”


MP3: Sean Falyon ft. Playboy Tre & Scar-“Wonderful Life”

ZIP: Playboy Tre-Liquor Store Mascot (Left-Click)
ZIP: Playboy Tre-Goodbye America

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