January 12, 2010


Chalk one up to the open-source ability of the Internet. Late Sunday night, Joey  flashed the bat-signal requesting help in determining the full tracklist of Jay Electronica’s Victory.  Before I even had the chance  to aid the mission, the problem was solved. If only the Internet could figure out Afghanistan, the Health Care fiasco, and why Glenn Beck has a career, we’d be good to go. According to Hood Nerd, Victory features tracks submitted by Electronica himself and is intended as a stop-gap measure until Act 2 drops. There’s a bit of overlap with Electrochemicals, but for would-be completists bent on scooping the full discography of the most promising rapper in years, it’s essential. I re-upped the file with new tags and the tracklist is below the jump. Victory is yours.

ZIP: Jay Electronica – Victory

Exhibit B Feat Mos Def
Walking J. Period Remix Feat Nneka
So What Cha Sayin
Scenario 2004
Something To Hold Onto
Poetry Interlude
Cool Relax feat Naledge
Trolley Stop
My World
Hard to Get feat Mr Porter
Extra Extra
Victory in my clutches
Swagger Jackson’s Revenge
Just Begun – feat J. Cole,Talib Kweli & Mos Def
Uzi weighs a ton
Love czars feat Taraach
Posers Feat The New Royales
Billy Stewart – Cross My Heart
Exhibit C
Googly Eyes (LIVE)
Holiday feat Mos Def

***Bonus Track***
T.H.E. W.E.A.K. – Stick Up

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