February 4, 2010


Asked to describe himself to Fact Magazine, Debruit answered “Bonjour, I’m dEbruit, synth breeder, beat baker and rhythm keeper. I make music in styles you can’t name and a genre that doesn’t exist.” Which is only partially true — were you to ascribe labels to the London by way of Paris producer, he’d fit under the ill-fitting “wonky” umbrella, which basically means funky drum breaks, wobbly bass, and the sort of exotic samples that you expected rappers to be flowing over in 2010, rather than jacking Wesleyan alumni for china-white synths and skinny jeans recommendations. (I saw Chiddy Bang last night. Has it really come down to rhyming over MGMT’s “Kids” with DJ’s who look like the son of Vampire Weekend’s accountant?)

On his Spatio-Temporal EP, the Musique Large-affiliated beatmaker stands out from the Ableton onslaught through his unique ability to take gimmicky samples and make them knock harder than a Mormon missionary.  “Persian Funk” takes what’s basically Borat’s theme music and flips it into the Farsi funk version of “Hey Playa.” While “Nigeria What?” pioneers Afrobeat wonky, a subgenre described by Sach O as “the audio equivalent of a threesome between a Thai and Swedish chick.” dEbruit’s Fact mix supports his cause with cuts from Jeru the Damaja, Wu-Tang, Dam-Funk, Kurtis Blow, and Konono No. 1. Already a regular on the Mary Anne Hobbs circuit, it’s unwise to avoid deBruit even if you normally prefer Axe Body spray.

MP3: dEbruit – “Persian Funk” (Removed by Request)
MP3: dEbruit – “Nigeria What?” (Removed by Request)

MP3: dEbruit – Fact Mix 90

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