July 26, 2010


Though he’s practically unknown on American shores, Terror Danjah is known overseas as one of the pioneering Grime producers. Understandably, grime never translated well to Yankee ears. Other than “Fix Up Look Sharp,” Wiley and Kano, to me, most of it sounds like 3 a.m. drunk yelling at a fast food drive-through, staffed by employees who happen to be unnaturally paranoid and claustrophobic.

Terror’s relative anonymity abroad will surely change after he drops his forthcoming LP on Hyperdub, the lone dubstep label that Americans vaguely pay attention to. In the meantime, he’s abating and abetting widescale piracy, dropping his 2007 full-length, Shock to the System, for free on his Twitter. A man for our own frozen aortas.

As Sach sagely pointed out: “Super producers giving away stuff for free” is the new “new producers sending their record labels to shut down the free MP3s we give away at the Passion. This is a previously released CD and not unreleased shit but unless you live in East London, you probably haven’t heard this anyways. It’s all unmixed vocal Grime which means lots of fast-talking London emcees practically tripping over each other to spit. Trad/US rap fans beware and everybody else enjoy.”

ZIP: Terror Danjah-Shock to the System (Left-Click)

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