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“Why are you lonely, why are you looking for gold?” It’s an uncharacteristically dark question to open a Mantles song, a band well-known for possibly being the poppiest garage band in a city bursting from the seams with them. After a string of well-received singles and an excellent record on Slitbreeze which wasn’t incredibly polished but still Max Martin-esque compared to the other acts on the label, The Mantles teamed up with Mexican Summer (which can now say they released a Top-40 Record) to drop Pink Information a limited-edition, vinyl-only, (as most Mexican Summer releases are), and already sold-out (but don’t fret, it’s on iTunes) EP full of the sun-kissed, jangly garage-rock they ably explored on their self-titled LP. “Situations” marks a confident step away from that sound.

Possibly to compliment his freakish proximity in looks to Ashton Kutcher, frontman Michael O (this dude has done a remarkable job of keeping his last name from making it to the internet) sings over the spy movie guitars and thumping drums with 94%-on-key boyish vocals, spouting off downcast lyrics like, “Saw you on the street, walking/Talking to yesterday’s ghosts”, which is far from the cutesy plea that was standout LP track “Don’t Lie” in the best possible way. The Mantles seem to have taken a more crestfallen direction on “Situations,“ much like their hometown peers in The Fresh and Onlys.

With much of indie-rock from California and beyond throwing coins into the same upbeat wishing well, it’s refreshing to see The Mantles branch off from that sound before becoming an also-ran during this particular musical trend. And they didn’t even have to put the eight-track away to do so. In a world of bands looking for gold in the dirt, The Mantles found it by taking a left turn before they could find the shovel.

MP3: The Mantles-“Cascades”
MP3: The Mantles-“Don’t Lie”

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