August 20, 2010


Brevity is in today because it is a Friday in August and that’s reason enough. At Pop & Hiss, I do the Q&A treatment with Adam Weissman of Pollyn, who are rapidly becoming my favorite new LA band that employs guitars (on occasion). The harvest is a remix of “Other Side,” done by Nosaj Thing, my favorite LA producer who employs groove (though Dam-Funk and Lotus remain in the running). They play Saturday at 5 at Sunset Junction. I won’t be there because I’ll be broiling in Berdoo at Rock the Bells. Though I assume Guerilla Union will be passing out free sunscreen and geritol. The fanbase and performers must be accommodated.

MP3: Pollyn-“Other Side (Live)”
MP3: Pollyn-“Other Side (Nosaj Thing Remix)”

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