August 30, 2010


While on the subject of Arthurian alcoholism and the avuncular, I’d be remiss not to post the new tape from Playboy Tre, everyone’s favorite hook man for hire and intoxication impresario. Dom Passantino declares it to be not “be as strong a piece of drinking rap as “Liquor Store Mascot” was, but still gets a passing grade.” On first listen, I would drink to that. It speaks to the problem of having to release mixtape after mixtape to build your rep, and being forced to repeat similar stories over and over again.

So while Last Call might feel less immediate than Goodbye America or LSM, Tre remains a corner store craftsman.  Even on a song like the rowdy Lil Jon-aided, “Ready Go,” he’ll slip in weary meditation about his fallen friends and his frequent frustration. He’s an Irish storyteller or seanchai, but from Decatur (no House of Pain): full of anecdotes equal parts wise, witty, and violent. A condition always eased by strong drink. I’m also throwing in a relatively new Tre cameo from Homebwoi’s new and good Coming 2 America mixtape, which I meant to write about but neglected to do so in my preference to post videos of Danny Brown smoking weed in seedy motels.

Tracklist below the jump.

MP3: Playboy Tre-“I Don’t Care”
MP3: Playboy Tre-Last Call  (Left-Click)

MP3: Homebwoi ft. Playboy Tre-“Buy It Anyway”
ZIP: Homebwoi-Coming 2 America


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