Real Jews don’t camp. By real Jews, I mean Angeleno agnostics who commune with Yahweh via deli platters and dim jokes, word to Tim Watley. So I’m not sure what Henry Laufer is doing calling his follow-up to Shlohmoshun Deluxe, the Camping EP. My only experience with the great outdoors involves John Candy and eating obscene amounts of Sour Patch kids after 14 bong rips during the one time I attempted to set up shop at the Grand Canyon.

But I do know that his latest effort for Friends of Friends, comes correct with air mattresses and a roaring fire, building on the firm foundation he established on his impressive debut. Like the intro to Moment of Truth, the beats are elevated– ethereal but rooted in increased attention to song-craft. See “Sippy Cup,” where Shlohmo lets the trap door loose at about the one minute mark and his smoked-out glide gets equipped with a fierce sound system and a fistful of barbiturates.  Shlohmo is playing Sunday night at the Downtown Independent, part of the Friends of Friends and Passion of the Weiss Super Happy Fun Fun extravaganza. You can buy pre-sale tickets here for just $12 –nembutal not included.

MP3: Shlohmo-“Sippy Cup”
MP3: Shlohmo-“Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix)”

Listen to more at the Friends of Friends SoundCloud

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