October 14, 2010

According to Skream, the Magnetic Man album is hitting #4 on the UK charts. While I can’t universally endorse anything that could potentially be embraced as Trance-Step, I will admit that a few of their tunes are guilty favorites and I hold no grudge against the group. If anyone’s going to make money pimping the genre, it might as well be the originators instead of unfortunate outside interlopers.

In the meantime, Ollie Jones keeps it moving, returning to Rinse FM sans Benga for “one night only” to reprise his O.G Stella Sessions show solo. Beginning with Skream’s pick for “first Dubstep tune ever” in Horsepower Productions’ Elephant Man remix before segueing to material from their forthcoming album, Skream proves that pop turn or not he still has his ear to the underground. Spinning deeper than he’s given credit for, he mixes for the eyes down crowd and peppers the proceedings liberally with exclusives and remixes for those preferring it raw and uncut instead of “featuring John Legend”. And that’s something that I CAN fully endorse.

MP3: Skream – Return of the Stella Sessions 13-10-10 (via Rinse FM)

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