October 15, 2010

Weekends are for Rozay. Ross is a liar, but we already knew that. He denies being a star, but he is. Only a celebrity could boast this level of delusion. He is the Jenna Maroney of rap music. He’s living theatrically. If only Hollywood would return to their love of high concept and allow for my remake of Play it Again, Sam with Rick Ross as my Humphrey Bogart. I’m reasonably certain that I could get Andy Samberg attached.

If you weren’t aware, Friday is unofficial Bawse day — a celebration highlighted by the release of his video for “I’m Not a Star,” his surprisingly solid collabo with Jamie Foxx (a Bink beat and a BIG sample always keep things live), and the “Tangerine Remix,” where he might get the best of Bun B, Big Boi, and the World’s Dumbest Criminal. It’s close, but the image of “Pocahontas on his Yokohamas” has me sold. Other lines that were rejected included, “I have Melyssa Ford on my surfboard,” I have sex tapes of V. Fox on my Magnavox,” and “I have Mata Hari in my Maserati.” Yes, I am William Roberts’ ghostwriter. And for the right price….

MP3: Big Boi ft. T.I., Rick Ross, & Bun B-“Tangerine Remix”
MP3: Jamie Foxx ft. Rick Ross-“Living Better Now”

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