November 9, 2010


Three months ago, no one had ever heard of Odd Future. Two months ago, the Internet proposed. One month ago, they played a show at the Low End Theory: the earth’s orbit stopped, unicorns skateboarded out of the inside of the clouds, and the hills were alive with the sound of swag and the taste of 4Loco. 10 hours ago, Odd Future had their New York debut. Nine hours ago, Twitter broke, Steve Harvey started crying, and producers began seriously courting a boy named Taco for his own reality show. Eight hours later, they have their own drinking game. Wolf Gang Amadeus Mozart Salieri Kill Em All. 

  •  Take a shot of Cherry Red Kool-Aid and codeine every time someone says “Golf Wang.” Take two shots if you or the person in question is wearing a Golf shirt. #Izod Swag
  • Take a shot of Soju and New World Water every time someone mentions Mos Def and his leopard skin pill box hat.
  • Take 36 shots of St. Ides Special Brew (Kiwi Strawberry) every time a writer’s review compares them to the Wu-Tang Clan. Take 7 more for every Tyler, the Creator = Rza analogy. Take nine every time a writer compares the other OF members to Shyheim.

  • Take a shot of Code Red Mountain Dew and Southern Comfort every time someone exchanges URL’s instead of phone numbers.
  • When someone says “Fuck 2 Dope Boyz and Nah Right,” take a shot of Cirroc vodka. Take 2 potentially dope shots if they’re in your RSS feed.
  • Take a shot of Kombucha and Gray Goose whenever you see someone retweeting Skyzoo on their iPhone. Take two shots if you don’t know who Skyzoo is. Take three if you’re a huge Skyzoo fan.
  • Take a shot of Hennessey and Sparks (for the urban ironic drinker) every time you see a Fader employee pass out from over-excitement. Take two more if you spy someone trying to read their notes. Take three shots for every writer who tries to steal their job while lying incapacitated.
  • Take a shot of O Doul’s every time someone ponders “The Pitchfork Effect.” Take a bottle to someone’s head every time they draw parallels between rapegaze, witch house, Eddie House, DJ Screw, and Earl Sweatshirt’s desire to rape nurses.
  • Take a shot of well whiskey every time you hear “fuck your blog and magazine.” Take a shot of drano if you think having a Tumblr makes you exempt.
  • Take a shot of thug passion every time you see a socially awkward bearded male. Take two shots if it turns out to be one of the guys in Das Racist. Take off if he calls you a racist.

MP3: Nice & Smooth-“Dope Not Hype”

MP3: Compton’s Most Wanted-“Late Night Hype”

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