November 10, 2010

Nosaj Thing – MIS, Brasil 2010 (leg. português) from Cauê Ito on Vimeo.

If you subscribe to the ideology that beats need raps to be fulfilled, you’ve probably already long ceased to read this blog, or are in the process of breaking away to download the latest MP3’s from Games, Tennis, Weekend, and Troubled Jai Alai. For those still unclear why Nosaj Thing broke out as one of the LET  stars, this well-done video clip by Caue Ito, offers substantial illumination– with Jason Chung limning his creative approach, love of Mozart, and how Daedalus impacted his own approach to performance.

He’s a composer who makes beats, not a beatmaker trying to compose. There’s enough swing to his music that it doesn’t need verbal accompaniment, it just needs to breathe. He’s on a short West Coast tour in promotion of this month’s Drift Remixes. Should you get the chance, I recommend attending with an eighth of the finest headband, and the finest girl with a headband that you can find.Whether or not you want to whisper in her ear about what “IDM” really stands for is up to you.

MP3: Nosaj Thing-“Light #1 (Take Remix)”

MP3: Nosaj Thing – “Fog (Jamie xx remix)”

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