November 10, 2010

Sach O speaks in slang like that.

A London rap song about London rap slang probably won’t get much traction around these parts but since the Hip-Hop internet has collectively decided to give Waka a pass based on energy and/or swag, perhaps they’ll do the same for P-Money who absolutely rips this one to pieces. Backed by a middle-eastern tinged beat by Sukh Knight that rides the line between Grime and Dubstep, “Slang Like This” isn’t a Big L style dictionary so much as an anthem bigging up UK street sounds with the video focusing on the community aspect of street music often absent from solipstic superstar videos about phoenixes and handbags. I’m still not entirely clear on the difference between bruv, blud and bredren but then, I’ve always been partial to Guv’nor.

MP3: P-Money – Slang like This

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