November 16, 2010

Sach O rain fire pon dem’.

The OG plan for this piece was to slam Pitchfork for today’s Dubstep reviews but then I thought better of it (and then I wrote this intro anyways). Any mention that keeps the bearded and bespectacled masses of boring, late 20-something Vicemag fans away from music I enjoy is ultimately doing Jah-Jah’s work and deserves no hate. We’re talking about a site that just realized that people cut up vocal samples and that refers to The Prodigy as “the band that brought you Firestarter” – let’s hope they give Girl Talk a 9.3 and decide Crunkcore‘s the next big thing because the last thing I need in my life is people with this worldview popping up in my social circle.

In less snarky news, the first cut from Scientist’s upcoming album on Tectonic has leaked and it’s a doozy. Schooled under King Tubby in the 70’s and responsible for such classic releases as “Scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the Vampires” and “Scientist wins the World Cup”, Hopeton Brown’s music is ground zero for all things bassweight. His upcoming release reworking exclusive tracks from Shackleton, Kode9, Pinch, Mala, Guido and more is intriguing not only as a link to the past but as a full on sensory experience, pushing things into the red and beyond the realm of dance music into full on psychedelia. This reworking of King Midas Sound’s U is a prime example, drowning lead singer Hitomi’s voice in enough reverb to make Phil Spector blush in prison. It may not mash up Rick Ross and Fugazi, but I’m ok with that.

MP3: Scientist vs King Midas Sound – U Dub

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