November 15, 2010

If Sach O’s chest ain’t rattlin, it ain’t happenin.

My brain is completely shattered from what will go down as one of the most epic music related weekends of my life so far. N-Type absolutely murdered Montreal with an all-vinyl set to an absolutely riotous crowd, I confirmed a couple of big DJ bookings which have got me hype beyond hype and the general mood around the scene can only be described as ecstatic these days. Musical taste will always come down to personal preference but I will say this: if you’re not having an insane amount of fun and revelatory experiences on a regular basis listening to your music of choice, you need to step your game up because between The Low End Theory crew and Dubstep, we’re having way too much fun up in here.

Back to the lecture at hand. Two particularly interesting mixes have hit the net over the past few days, both worth chronicling here. First up D1’s got a new one for the ever-dependable Fact Magazine, easily one of the pillars of EDM coverage along with Resident Advisor. Going in a surprisingly uplifting direction that draws on early 90’s ‘Ardkore rave, D1’s mix re-imagines the Dubpolice sound not as a matrix of aggro-basslines but as the new sound for the dancers with epic synths, Italo-pianos and shrieking diva vocals. It’s all a bit euphoric but it’s an interesting shift in direction for the man behind the utterly creepy Crack Bong.

On the opposite side of things, Chef and Coki linked up on Rinse FM for two hours of classic dubplates and hardcore sounds last week. The sound of purist Dubstep with LFO riffage a-plenty and enough sinister atmospheres to score a Blade Runner remake, the two somehow manage to turn the session into a party, having way too much fun in the studio for material this somber. For anyone into Dubstep because of its latent connection to the dark side of 90’s Hip-Hop, stoned beats ala Rza and Muggs, this one comes highly recommended.

MP3: Chef & Coki on Rinse FM
MP3: D1 – Fact Mag Mix (left click)

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