December 14, 2010


Few descriptions are more trite than “organic.” It’s a word used to describe everything from music played with real instruments, to the seamless incorporation of seemingly irreconcilable styles, to the produce grown by white people with natty dreads and Sage Francis records.  Over the last few years, a glut of rappers have attempt to escape the often-insular rap world by experimenting with rapping over the most popular indie rock and dance music records. Occasionally, it works (see Wale/Justice)– more often than not, you get Chiddy Bang over MGMT or the time Kidz in the Hall tried to rap over “Two Weeks.” The move usually reeks of a contrived pose to latch onto whatever’s supposed to be cool this week. Set your watches to the Theophilus London witch house tribute project any day now.

Conversely, by virtue of his Low End Theory residency, Nocando’s style is permanently tilted to the sinistral side. Jimmy the Lock will get its full tribute when our year-end list drops, but in the interim, he’s premiering a pair of tracks of PotW (pretend the last half-sentence was written in ALL CAPS accompanied by AIRHORN). The first, a heartfelt elegy to lost love over Bath’s “Lovely Bloodflow.” The latter is a Mexicans with Guns remix of “Sincerely Yours,” with Ernest Gonzales turning Nobody’s beat into something that sounds like what I imagine Mumbai dubstep to sound like (while you’re at it, set your watch to the Diplo appopriation). Both cuts seem like logical (but not predictable) creative decisions and illustrate why James McCall is set to break out in 2011 — provided he isn’t assassinated by an irrational Blowedian aggrieved by the Bomb Zombies project. The Zombies’ album release party is also tomorrow at Low End — stay out of the line of fire (yes, Eastwood).

MP3: Nocando + Baths-“Lovely Bloodflow”
MP3: Bomb Zombies – “Sincerely Yours (Mexicans w/ Guns Remix)”

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