Sach O went out partying this weekend despite his illness. Send him music to help his recovery.

“Climbing and Other Pursuits” may sound like the title to a 1940’s guide to Alpine activities but there’s no doubting the song’s soul credentials. Anchored by a Footwork-style, chopped up R&B sample (by you know who) and a slow-jam build-up before exploding into a fury of glitchy, tribal garage goodness, the track is peak-time emotion with an aching twist. The perfect soundtrack to a half-remembered great night out that may have gone awry around 2AM, the song’s relatively euphoric structure takes a strange, dark twist around the 50th time “I love you” gets repeated and chopped up into a despairing wail. I’m not quite sure if this is an epic make-out song or a robot’s break-up ballad, probably both. In any case, it’s a perfect fit for this brave new world where producers are turning to The-Dream rather than James Brown for samples yet still making it all sound so funky.

In other news, HGLDT’s Swing & Skip label night will be celebrating it’s first Anniversary next month and you’re all invited. As a night known for breaking top-notch newcomers (including, the author of this post, full disclosure) it’s a great way to hear new sounds in a relaxed environment and delay the inevitable coming of Monday. I’ll be there in all my post-Superbowl drunkenness.

Swng & Skip: First year Anniversary
Sunday February 6th,
Blizzarts, Montreal. Free!


HGLDT – Climbing and Other Pursuits (Free DL) by HGLDT

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