It’s a fair criticism to suggest that Ghostface is far too talented to write songs like “2Getha Baby.” When I started to write this post, I almost called it “N 2 Getha Now” the track that proved that circa 1999, anyone with the budget to afford Primo and Tical could’ve made a classic track. Apollo Kids lacks the dusted genius of Stark’s best work, it felt rushed and slightly formulaic, but few rappers ever had such Pyrex mastery in the first place. Either way, I stand by my review and Zeus’s. Its lack of novelty doesn’t stop it from being rock solid.

So yes, this video is for the Ghostface die-hards — presumably, the lion’s share of people reading this blog. Also recommended for those who admire B.B.W’s, rose petals, and argyle. Even on an ostensibly straightforward celebratory romp like this, Ghost conveys psychological duress better than anyone, “struggling like Precious” while surrounded by objects of conspicuous consumption. If wanting to watch a video of Starks rapping while lamping on a throne like King Tut is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

From: Ghostface Killah-Apollo Kids

MP3: Ghostface Killah-“2Getha Baby”

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