February 1, 2011

Twitter’s existence is validated for two reasons: its ability to aid communications amongst revolutionaries in far-flung corners of the world, and to offer Dam-Funk a platform to spout non-sequiturs, anecdotes, and music recommendations. Reading the man’s Twitter feed affords a window into his library of arcane funk gems but also new jacks continuing to carry on the funk tradition.

His latest heads up was a flying Dutchman named Henning, who due to linguistic differences has yet to give himself the ultimate nickname: Mr. Perfect. According to his paragraph-long bio, he plays “fat synth sounds on the keyboards…influenced by P to G Funk., soul music, vinyl, jazz-based studio artists, film scores, sound scapes, local folk music, and abstract beats.” The latest offering in his Trunkfunk series isn’t revolutionary by any stretch, but it does offer a greasy slab of rollicking modern funk — in the vein of Dam, Dre, and Quik. Presumably, it’s his way of channeling sunshine and hydraulic slink in the stoned gloom of the low country. For aficionados of the funk, it comes pre-approved. How are you going to argue with this man?

MP3: Henning-“Glock”

ZIP: Henning-Trunkfunk (Left-Click)

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