February 9, 2011

Sach O can only think of one intro line a day.

I have no idea who Ottawa’s Math Rosen is but I like the cut of his jib. I was linked to this tune on Facebook by Montreal’s Living~Stone (whom you’ll hear more about tomorrow) and immediately started rocking to it, before realizing that I hadn’t heard anything quite like this… ever. Using Juke as a starting point, the tune quickly grabs Dubstep’s sonic signifiers (half-time beats, bass) before building up to something new entirely. Far from the minimalism coming out of Chicago, Highway91’s more fleshed out structure may or may not work for dance battles and trancing out but it certainly makes for an interesting listen that would go over perfectly with fans of Addison Groove and Ramadanman’s recent work. Plus, when pressed for a genre tag, Rosen went with “Jew-Quirk”, a movement I can fully support.

Highway91 by _MATH ROSEN

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