Son Raw is gonna start rocking a mask and hiding out like Burial.

The monthly rounds of self-promotion are beginning to get uncomfortable but plug I must; one of the benefits of hiring a DJ with a media platform is that he’ll ostensibly use said media platform to promote your event. False modesty aside however, I’m incredibly psyched for this Monday night when the good folks at student radio station CIXS The Edge have seen it fit to unleash a Bass music smorgasbord for spring break. MTL Funky massive ESL Crew will be headlining along with myself, Swing & Skip CEO HGLDT, Juke enthusiasts Steven Hill & Paveun and DJ Skunch.

Wisely opting for a fresh approach, the night is built around alternative styles with Juke, Grime, Jungle, Garage and Funky taking center stage, which is great since my sources inform me girls are sick of dancing to half-step anyways. I’ll personally be dropping a bit of everything with an emphasis on the ravier side of Grime, hence this promotional mix I made for fellow Montreal bloggers Thirtyonehertz (see what I did there?) It’s got plenty of Terror Danjah, S-X, Royal-T and Wiley – names you should be familiar to anyone following the UK side of this blog. So yeah, download, enjoy and come out and make fun of how look in that promo photo they used.

CIXS – The Edge presents:
ESL + HGLDT +Son Raw + Steven Hill & Paveun + Skunch
Monday March 14th
The Belmont4483 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC
5$ before 11, 10$ after.

MP3: Sonraw – Sign of the Grime @

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