April 7, 2011

To quote Deen: “I should really just title this “the reason why I truly fux with Lex Luger.” Like many others, I was initially of the opinion that all his shit sounded the same. Once I heard the synths on this shit, I realized that the kid had “it” and was worth devoting my listening time to. I’ve been rewarded for my investment a few times over at this point, as most of my favorite songs this year have been produced by Lex Luger.”

I imagine that the old school reads that read this blog are going into conniptions (sorry Dart). But I will ride for this and Flocka on the strength of the fact that this music is designed to be played before high school sporting events (and or/at Grove St. parties). No 16 year old today is going to be bump The Infamous like we did. Flocka and Lex make music to decapitate running backs and sprain opponents’ ankles. It doesn’t need to be any more. And no matter what you think about Flocka, you cannot argue with a dancing Fozzie Bear chain.

MP3: Waka Flocka-“Grove St. Party”

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