Chris Daly normally blogs odd at this site. He believes Hoon is a funny word to type.

If the death of Shannon Hoon serves no other purpose, clearly it is to remind us that three is the magic number. Heeding that wisdom, the increasingly impressive brain trust at Friends of Friends Network decided to fuck it all and throw Shlohmo and JonWayne into a beat blender with new up and comer Groundislava (who you may recall from his Book of Tech EP) on the freaky and yet aptly named “Shlava.”

While the multiple cooks in the kitchen metaphor is played out, it’s still well played here. Take one part 8-bit madness from GIL, fold in equal measures of Shlo’s gauzy, experimental bedroom beats and pour over JW’s staccato spit verses. Oh, and add some weed. I just assume if we’re using these three in a cooking analogy, we’re baking pot brownies, right?

The result could soundtrack a very paranoid Mario as he rethinks eating that one last mushroom and wonders where the hell all these fireballs are coming from all of a sudden, but who hasn’t been there before.  Like the childhood game and the artist from whose CD this track comes, don’t forget, even if it’s just in your head, that shit is scalding.

MP3: Groundislava ft. Jonwayne & Shlohmo-“Shlava”
ZIP: Groundislava-Book of Tech EP

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