May 16, 2011

Evan Nabavian raps under the name Cash Warring.

DJ Burn One caught my attention when he reworked “Duel of the Iron Mic” and put a twenty-something Cash Money signee named Starlito on it. Three songs into Renaissance Gangster, I realized that Burn was much more than an Atlanta producer/DJ who hosted Gucci Mane and Young Dro mixtapes and by some aberration had Liquid Swords on his iPod. The man knows how to turn a long-immortalized piano loop into something original once again, and he’s equally capable of creating extravagant visions full of live guitars and keyboards.

“Live” strikes somewhere between Pimp C and Willie Hutch, slow and heavy enough to rattle a trunk, funky, and luxurious without the big budget contrivances. warrenJae sounds like a less whimsical Curren$y, rapping about women and weed with a sharp flow and a thin voice. He boats, “I’m a million dollar dreamer, royalty in the building / Dimes on the pavilion, complexion Brazilian / Nationality caramel, she bad as hell / She a good girl, hope she don’t kiss and tell.” If he and Rapper Big Pooh had the money, they’d be rapping about wearing name brand alligator shoes instead of wooing dazzled groupies, but I’m fine without the Bawse-isms.

MP3: Warrenjae ft. Big Pooh (prod. by Burn One)-“Live”
MP3: Warrenjae (prod. by Burn One)-“Going On”

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