May 30, 2011

Stoned, space-age swag rap out of West LA by two dudes who appear to be teenaged or close to it. Influences include Mickey Mouse, moon boots, David Letterman, marijuana, UFO’s, cooking dances. Down with Overdoz and J.R. Rotem’s signing Mann, who dropped last year’s “Buzzin‘,” the massive Nu-Shooz-flipping, LA radio hit. (at least, it was better than this “Buzzin.”)

Think the warped West Coast fun-house rap of Souls of Mischief and Pharcyde filtered through kids who probably view the Cool Kids as old school and probably know 98 percent of the words to “Pretty Bitch.” Also, I must ride for anyone who interpolates Kanye’s “Ridiculous” into “one hand in the air/for growing out your hair.” Instant contenders for the throne of local weed dispensary rap champs.

Video for “Another Statement” below the jump.”

MP3: BeEFF-“Spinach”

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